From simple hourly pricing to the cost saving support subscription that gives you dedicated, hassle free help, we work hard to make sure you get the most out of your hard earned cash. And if your business or organization needs long term support to keep you running smooth and worry free, we’ve got you covered there too. Your technology, our concern.


$35/hr travel fee outside of Palmer

Billed by the minute

$99/hr residential

150/hr business

Starter Plan

Drive health
Backup monitoring
Regular Maintenance

Easily initiate remote support


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Pro Plan

$35/hr travel fee outside of Palmer

Drive Health
Backup Monitoring
Regular Maintenance

2 hours of labor per year


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Service Contract

Advanced monitoring

20 hours and up

Automated and in-person monitoring

Documentation and planning

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We’ll charge a flat hourly rate for time spent on the project, regardless of what it is. Our current hourly rate is $99, charged by the minute. For traveling outside of Palmer we charge $35 an hour.

For service where we have a to re-arrange our schedule, or falls outside of regular business hours, we charge $150 an hour.

Support Subscription

You’ve invested a lot in your technology – whether it’s $300, $3,000, or sums we won’t even mention here, it’s not pocket change. And it should be making your life better.

But all too often, it’s making it more complicated, not less. Increasing your frustration, instead of simplifying your days. And who has the money to spend on a consulting for training or troubleshooting?

Well, you do actually.

If you want to know your needs will be covered – whether it’s phone support, on site service, or in-shop work, we offer the most affordable peace of mind you’ll ever purchase. For a low monthly rate, you’ll have support time with us you can use as you wish. Whether it’s remote login support, or a technician at your door, you can have your needs met with a minimum of hassle. Now that’s simple.



Use it for training, labor on a repair, troubleshooting, web updates or the labor for any of our other handy services.


iphone-5-ios-7-icon-256For a low monthly fee you know that an IT specialist is a phone or house call away.

brainstormingWith regular tune ups, updates, and problem solving advice your computer will be more useful than ever.

Service Contract

For our business or organizational customers, we offer customized plans that allow them to pre-purchase blocks of time at a discounted rate to provide superior protection and service throughout the year. Whether your IT staff needs someone to fill in the cracks, or if you want the business planning that a dedicated IT staff would provide you, we have the plan for you. Learn more.