For technology to truly have a positive impact, the user must be empowered. Or, to put it another way, the user shouldn’t want to fling their computer out the window and pay someone to do the job. We believe that a little bit of training is all it takes to unlock tremendous potential from your investment.

All our classes are structured to be accessible, with plenty of individual attention. We pride ourselves on taking an approach that teaches through participation, so the lessons stay valuable long after the class is over.

Wordpress training class

WordPress Workshop

Ever wanted to create a new website, maintain an existing one, or just learn new skills? This is the class for you. Focusing on the WordPress content management system, this two day class will provide you with all the tools to understand how the secrets behind websites, create a plan to build for success, install a theme, and start working.

WordPress training group class

WordPress Work Session

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going at something alone. You can spend hours working on something when a two minute conversation would solve your problem. Bounce ideas, get questions answered and your problems solved by experts in these group sessions.

This nifty image represents a class in photo management using iPhoto or Picasa in the Palmer, Wasilla, or Anchorage area, although probably also anywhere you'd like.

Photo management for beginners

Tired of having your photos locked away on your phone, camera, or computers? Learn how to import, organize, edit, and most importantly share those precious moments! We offer classes for both iPhoto and Picasa.

Interested in any of these classes? Wish there were others? Sign up using the form below, and we’ll alert you just as soon another one becomes available. If there’s a class you wish we offered but don’t see, let us know that as well.  We teach all over Alaska – Palmer, Anchorage, Valdez, and anywhere else you might be interested. If you show interest in a particular class, we’ll try to find others in your area so we can make one happen soon.  Sign up now